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  • Accounting adapted to new companies, Online Shops and Stores.

  • How to invoice in large markets places around the world like, Amazon, Paypal, AliExpress ...

  • Search for financing.

  • Aid and incentives as an entrepreneur.

  • Access to Subsidies.

  • Invoice Books.

  • Balance Sheet.

  • Profit and Loss Account.

  • Annual accounts.

  • Memory. Reports.

  • Analysis of financial statements.

  • Analysis of investments and profitability.

  • Analysis of production costs. Income and expenses and treasury budgets.

  • Patrimonial Management of the Company.

  • Design of the company's financial policies.

  • Search public-private financing.


  • Tax Planning Strategy.

  • Tax adaptation to the size and turnover of the company, entity, the athlete or the coach for tax optimization.

  • Control and Management of International Taxation and Fiscal Address.

  • Income Determination (premiums, transfers, assignments, advertising, image rights ...)

  • Tax Bonus for High Performance Athletes.

  • Control of the obligation or exemption of VAT and Corporate Tax on Entities, Trainers and Athletes.

  • State, Autonomous, Provincial and Municipal Taxation.   International Operations   Obtaining the NIF.

  • Register Economic Activity and Fiscal Obligations.

  • Presentation of Taxes

    • VAT 

    • Income Tax 

    • Withholdings

    • Corporation tax. 

    • Annual Summaries

    • Transfer Tax

    • Inheritance Tax. 

    • Fiscal Number

    •  Other taxes, fees and levies municipal and special Agrarian, Branch and Fisheries. 

  • Assistance and representation inspections, penalties and controls.


  • Register / Drop out Social Security.

  • Social Security Number

  • Subsidies and Social Security Bonuses.

  • Labor contracts, extensions and special clauses.

  • Collective agreements.

  • Registration of companies and work centers before the Labor Authority.

  • Layoffs, Settlements and Liquidations.

  • Preparation of payroll and contribution bulletins (Social Security).

  • Management of incidents and parts of accidents or temporary disability (illness ...).

  • Occupational risk prevention processes.

  • Preparation and processing of the withholding of the Income Tax of Individuals.

  • Representation before the labor inspection.

  • Representation before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service C. M. A. C.

  • Writings and appeals before the Public Administration. Contentious. Legal assistance and defense.

5. Contabilidad
Más info Agricultura


  • Business and Financial Plan

  • Business development from the scratch.

  • Strategy on implementation of the business idea.

  • Web development and communication of the company.

  • Brand Management

  • Strategies for creating new products and categories.

  • Tracking trends and new ways of working and reaching our customers.

  • Marketing and positioning Online and Offline.

  • Development and Management of the commercial campaign.

  • Monitoring and management of metrics and business results and campaigns.

  • Management and assistance for the implementation of legal news of the sector.


  • Constitution, modification and dissolution of Sport 
    Companies and Schools.


  • Statutes and Covenants of Partners of the Companies.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Temporary Unions Agreements.

  • Creation of branches.

  • Constitution, Registry modification and dissolution of Sport Federations, Asociations and Clubs.

  • Purchase and sale of real estate, land and construction.

  • Purchase and sale of brands, operating licenses.

  • International operations


  • GDPR Data Protection - implementation of the European data protection policy (GDPR).

  • LSSICE - Internet Law - Adaptation of your website according to the Law.

  • Management and advising of Sport Activities in the University.

  • Image Rights.

  • Compliance, Internal and External Regulations, Ethical Codes, Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Sport Insurances.

  • Representation and assistance for different business sectors. 

  • Legal assistance and defense before litigation on rights of image, brand and content, and honor.

  • Immigration services for workers, visas, work permits, residences.

  • Legal assistance and defense.

  • Contentious.

  • Preparation of the documentation required by audits.

5. Consultoría


Athletes, Coaches, Federations, Sport Clubs

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