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¿What NIE is?
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¿What is the NIE and VISA for?

1. ¿What NIE is?

The NIE is the identification number for foreigners and non-residents in Spain.

This document is mandatory to be able to work, study or reside in Spain for more than 3 months.

In the case of foreigners who are not members of an EU country, this document is called a TIE.

2. ¿NIE and VISA is the same?


In the event that the foreigner is not a Resident of an EU member country or if he is not from the EU he does not have a bilateral agreement with Spain, he will need to apply for a Visa to enter Spain.

Work VISA, Study VISA or Non luc

f the country has a bilateral agreement with Spain, you will only need a Visa if you want to stay for more than 3 months.

Ask us for more information.

3. Type of NIE

  • WHITE NIE (Without authorization)
    This NIE
    is not a residence permit. It is granted to every foreigner for identification purposes in case of economic or social resons.


  • GREEN NIE (EU Residents):
    This NIE is a residence authorization for people with passports from an EU country. It calls Certificado de Registro de ciudadano de la UE.


  • TIE (NIE for non EU Residents)
    This document is resident authorization for Non EU members. You have to get it after VISA grant.


Are you going to work, study, invest or reside?


You must scan or take a photo of the main page of the passport.

2. City Council Registration

In order to manage the previous appointment, you will need to be registered (Registered) in a town hall. The procedures can only be managed in the Spanish province where you have a home or rental contract or a friend or relative who authorizes you.

3. Medical Insurance and cert.

Medical insurance is required with a minimum validity of one year and without a co-payment payment system. In Spain they can be contracted for about € 45-70 / month in most banks. For third countries, a medical certificate is also required in accordance with the International Health Regulations 2005.

4. Economic Resources

You must prove a minimum amount of economic resources for about € 540 / month or € 6,500 in savings / year.

Bank statements for the last 6 months can be required. If funds are not available, a family member can make an affidavit as a tutor or guardian of you.

5. Job offer/contract

To obtain the NIE a job offer is required. In the case of freelancers, it will be enough to register with Social Security and register with the Treasury.

Contact us for more information in this point.

6. School tuition or letter

If the foreigner wants the NIE to study in Spain, he or she must obtain a letter of admission from the center or the school or university tuition.

DOC. note:
All the information from point 2 will be used to be able to present the application on your behalf and to adapt it based on your personal and family situation.

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